Play through a game world as it is being thrown together in real time by a talent-less hack of a developer. Can you reach the castle? Does it matter? What's with video games and castles anyway? Does anyone read these the details section anyway?

Currently in Alpha 0.86(?) or something. I don't know. Still adding to it until people finally get invested in it when I can finally disappear without a trace or a final update.


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General PSA, the bug that crashed the game on start has been finally fixed, and I am currently working with someone to get a desktop version of the game up and running so you don't have to keep dealing with browser difficulties.

i'm getting this error everytime i hit play (second capture in comment)

I have a similar problem. We need a windows downloadable build. :D

Game breaking bug should be fixed now

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Yep it works better now. Awesome. I will play it again. :D


I appreciate it. Let me know if you see anything that looks weird, or looks like it's weird in a way that wasn't on purpose 

I appreciate you giving me a heads up. Working on a fix right now. Sorry for the delay.

That bug should be fixed now.

This was equal parts fun and frustrating to play. I loved the tube in the factory [no spoilers]; the key under the vending machine pissed me off like nothing else --- I saw that the key thing is getting updated.

Maybe I'm the lucky player that got to play this before the tower...not bored of it yet, curious about what's next.

If you sub this, please add in hilarious icons/emojis to match the audio and art.

Yep, key thing is getting updated. More jokes and interactions are being sprinkled in throughout and I'm expanding the ones I really like.

Right now, I'm mostly focused on adding things into the open world area that I planned out a while ago and have been too lazy to build. For the biggest part of the game, it's been mostly empty for a while.

I hope you check back to see what I add.

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I strongly recommend adding subtitles. The Meat humor is great keep it up

Subs are definitely a good suggestion. I'll throw it on the list of adds.


Hi. I played and recorded your game on a video. I enjoyed it. I think that I finished the demo, but I did not hear what you said at some moments, so I am not sure what it was at the end. I hope to see the full version soon. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos for such developers like you every day. I will be happy if you subscribe.

Thank you so much. This is the single most valuable bit of feedback I've been given since I started working on the game.

This is the first time I've been able to watch someone else interact with the world so I can see what things are too obvious, what things are too obscure, and what things are just plain uninteresting. You did get to the end, but you also skipped the vast majority of the content in the last two levels and that is my fault as a developer. I didn't properly guide you.  You also showed me some mistakes that I need to fix, like being able to fall to your death (there is supposed to be a safety net) skipping the stealth area in the beginning (trigger must not have fired) and also skipping from the second platform right to the end castle, which was fantastic to watch and I'm totally going to add something in about that. Also definitely going to do something to make all those keys more grabbable.

It was great to see you get so into the early portions, making the key noise when you tried to pull it out from under the vending machine and searching for secrets that weren't there.

Thanks Vlad. This was great.

I enjoyed playing your game. It may look like I was bored there. I just had a difficult day at my school, so I was tired. One of my most significant suggestions would be to optimize fps. I think that it could be solved if the game had a downloadable version. Unity webGL is not good enough at the moment. When I made a simple game about a running snowball, my pc did not handle the WebGL build while it can run the latest AAA games. I will be happy to make more videos about your games in the future.

Dope dude, I'll reach out to you if I have any worth while updates.